• What time do the gates open?
    Gates open on Friday at 12 noon, Saturday at 8am.
  • What time does it end?
    The Box Office closes at 8pm on Friday and Saturday. People may leave at any time, but after 8pm no new cars will be permitted to enter the grounds. The main stage show ends at 11pm on Friday and Saturday.
  • What’s the best time to arrive?
    On Friday anytime after noon and before dusk. For everyone’s safety, no car/RV camping can be set-up after dusk on Friday (Approximately 8pm). Saturday our gates open at 8am so if you are hoping to attend a 9am workshop it’s best to arrive as close to 8 am as possible. Workshops fill on a first-come first served basis, room is limited, and it can be a hike from parking to workshops!
  • How do I enter the festival? Where do I park?
    The entrance on West Road is well-marked and there will be volunteers to guide you to parking, camping and the festival grounds. On arrival, all regular attendees should drive directly up the hill, past the Vendor-Performer entrance, to the general admission entrance. If you are a Vendor, Sponsor, Presenter, Performer, or day-visitor with disabilities (plate or tag required), you should use the Vendor-Performer entrance. From there you will be directed to the appropriate parking space.
  • What should I do if I need accessible parking or camping?
    People with disabilities who need accessible day parking (plate or tag required) will use the first entrance marked Vendor-Performer Entrance. For accessible camping you will indicate your needs to the parking volunteer. If possible, please call at least a week in advance to let us know your support needs and we will be happy to do what we can do to meet them.
  • What about dogs or other pets? Can they be in the camping area?
    For everyone’s peace of mind and safety, pets are not allowed on the festival grounds, in the parking areas, or camping area, and they are definitely not allowed to wait in vehicles during the festival. The only exception is for certified working animals (and we may ask to see your certification).
  • Are Workshops included in the ticket price?
    Yes, all on-site festival workshops are included in the ticket price and are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Is camping included in the ticket price?
  • No. The price of a weekend campsite is only $30, available on a first-come, first served basis on Friday & Saturday nights. ONLY weekend pass holders will be allowed to camp on site. Parking and camping are in different areas. There is only tent or RV camping – NO car camping is allowed.
  • What if I did not pre-purchase a ticket? Will the festival sell out?
    Gate sell-outs are directly related to available parking spaces, and so we encourage carpooling. To avoid the lines at the box office, we recommend you purchase your tickets in advance on-line. As an added bonus, if you purchase by June 15 you can take advantage of our Early Bird specials.
  • Where can I buy tickets? I don’t have a credit card to purchase online or by phone?
    Tickets can be purchased online, or you can mail your check and detailed ticket request to us at 12 McNamara Road, Middletown Springs, VT 05757
  • I’m a photographer or writer. How do I arrange a press pass?
    Please contact the Managing Director at least a week in advance to arrange for a press pass.
  • How can I get information on having a booth at the festival?
    Visit the vendor page of our website.
  • Are you hiring people to work or volunteer at the event?
    We run on pure volunteer power. Please visit our volunteers page to learn about becoming a valued SolarFest volunteer.


  • What sort of facilities does the festival have?
    There are numerous rest rooms, and port-a-potties are stationed at convenient spots throughout the festival grounds and camping area.  There are drinking water and hand washing stations in various locations on site.
  • Will there be parking and bathrooms for people with disabilities?
  • Will there be drinking fountains? Can we buy water on-site?
    We do not have drinking fountains and, for environmental reasons, we do not allow vendors to sell bottled water during the festival. But we do have plenty of potable water on tap in various locations around the site. Please bring your own (non glass) water bottle.
  • Why is bottle water not sold during SolarFest?
    SolarFest does not sell bottled water during the festival because: (Thanks to the Think Outside the Bottle campaign for the following information)

    • water is a human right and not a commodity to be bought and sold for profit
    • bottled water travels many miles from the source, results in the burning of massive amounts of fossil fuels, and contributes to the billions of plastic bottles ending up in our landfills
    • bottled water corporations are changing the very way people think about water and undermining people’s confidence in public water systems
    • up to 40% of bottled water in the U.S. and Canada is sourced from municipal tap water
    • some bottlers have run over communities’ concerns and the environment when they extract water and build bottling plants to get local spring and ground water
    • worldwide there is a need for investments in public water systems to ensure equal access to water, a key ingredient for prosperity and health for all people
    • solutions to ensuring water as a fundamental human right require people acting together and standing up for public water systems
  • Can I bring glass bottles into the festival?
    No Glass of any kind is allowed on the festival grounds. This includes the parking and camping areas.
  • Will there be a festival schedule and map available ahead of time?
    Yes, our website will be continually updated with the latest schedule information and last minutes details.
  • Can I bring an umbrella to block the sun or rain?
    Yes. The festival is held on the beautiful 120 acre SVAC campus, with lots of open space. Some shade and rain cover is provided by person-made structures.
  • Can I bring my own chair?
    Please do! To allow for maximum visibility of all festival attendees, we encourage low chairs and blankets be used in front of the main stage.
  • Can we bring walkie talkies?
  • Are strollers allowed into the venue?
  • Will there be lockers on site?
  • Will there be an Information booth/area?
  • Will there be a Lost & Found?
    Our lost and found is located at the Info Booth in the center of the festival grounds. Go there to report a loss, look for a lost item, or turn in a found item.
  • Are there phones available?
    Cell phone coverage is good at SVAC.
  • Is there Internet available at the festival?
    SolarFest provides free wireless Internet access throughout the main festival grounds via a multitude of wireless access points. You can connect using the SSID SolarFest. Please refrain from bandwidth intensive applications (large uploads or downloads, watching Netflix, etc.) so that others may enjoy the connectivity as well. Internet connectivity is provided by VTel GigE Fiber.
  • Is there a place to charge my cell phone or camera on-site?
    We know that your cellphone, tablet and camera are important to you, so once again we are pleased to be making a solar powered device charging station available for our attendees. Please feel free to use it to charge your phone, tablet and whatever else might fit, but be aware that SolarFest is not responsible for any damage or loss of devices left unattended. Please, use only the designated solar charging station, and do not plug into any electric outlet anywhere else on the festival grounds.  We power the entire festival with renewable energy, including our workshop tents, water supply, vendors, arena, presentation areas and Main Stage. We carefully design our power systems for our expected load. When you plug a device into an “empty” outlet, or unplug something else to plug in your device, you can upset the balance, and can negatively impact our ability to successfully run the festival. SolarFest reserves the right to ask you to leave the festival grounds if we find you plugging in to someplace you shouldn’t be.
  • Can I bring my cooler to the festival?
    Yes. But please remember no glass of any kind is allowed on the grounds.
  • Can I take photographs or make video or audio tapes of the festival?
  • Is there an ATM at the festival?
    No. The closest ATMs are in Manchester.
  • Can I pass out flyers inside? Outside?
    No. Please contact the Managing Director in advance to ask about reserving a space for relevant and appropriate flyers or handouts on our information table.
  • Are food and beverages sold at the festival?
    Yes. We have wonderful food vendors who offer a variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner foods and beverages. Please note: No bottled water will be sold at the festival. There will be a number of faucets and pumps on site to fill your own water containers.
  • Will there be vegetarian/vegan food offered?
    Yes. Our food vendors offer a delectable assortment of food and beverages, including vegan and vegetarian options.
  • Will alcohol be sold at the festival?
    No alcohol will be sold during the festival. Festival attendees are allowed to bring alcoholic beverages into the festival but we encourage everyone to be responsible and respectful at all times. People who are disorderly or disruptive will be escorted off the festival grounds. No glass is permitted anywhere on site (festival, camping or parking) so you must bring beverages in non-glass containers or transfer them into non-glass containers (thermos, plastic bottles, etc.) before entering the festival gates.
  • Will there be medical assistance available at the festival?
    Yes, we have a First Aid/Medical tent on site, staffed during the published festival hours.
  • Will there be police on-site?
    SolarFest has its own in-house security personnel on site at all times, 24 hours per day. If you need assistance, look for anyone in a red SolarFest shirt, inquire for security at our Info Booth or ask any volunteer (yellow SolarFest shirts) with a radio to contact a security person for you.
  • If I lock my keys in my car or my car won’t start, will there be a tow truck or locksmith on site?
    No. If you have trouble, go to the Info Booth and they will direct you to businesses to help you get back on the road again.


  • Will camping fill up?
    There is ample room for camping. Availability of camping is on a first come, first served basis, so for the best selection it’s important to arrive early.
  • What about dogs or other pets? Can they be in the camping area?
    For everyone’s peace of mind and safety, pets are not allowed on the festival grounds, in the parking areas, or camping area, and they are definitely not allowed to sit in vehicles during the festival. The only exception is for working service animals in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • Can I sleep in my car in the parking lot?
    No. The parking and camping areas are separate. There is no car camping allowed.
  • Are there hotels in Manchester?
    There are over 800 hotel rooms available in Manchester. We have negotiated special discounted rates for SolarFest attendees, so please see our accommodations page for more information.
  • Where is the nearest Bus stop?
    The Green Mountain Shuttle stops in Manchester, 2 miles northeast.