Home Efficiency for Savings & Comfort

The basics are no longer basic, as building science includes everything from retrofitting to improve thermal gain & loss, moisture control, indoor air quality, to off-gassing, supply chain carbon footprint, materials recycling and even the gold standard of PHIUS House Alliance. Learn what you can do to affordably make your home more comfortable & healthier.

Heating & Cooling With Heat Pumps

This panel of experts for their important discussion of the pros & cons of both ground- and air-source heat pumps, domestic hot water, and the latest new technologies, especially valuable as heating oil and propane prices continue to skyrocket.

Rehab an Historic Farmhouse

The Peters-Locrow farmhouse in Clifton Park, NY was built in the 1830s and had been vacant for a decade. It had holes in the roof, water in the basement and a menagerie of animals living inside. Paul & Joanne Coons discuss rehabbing this farmhouse using energy conserving and green building practices while maintaining its historical integrity.



SolarFest Contacts: Sponsors, Speakers, Exhibitors

Agreenability — Robert Jensen;
BCSWA — Paula Kamperman;
BTF Residential Designs — Gwendolen St. Sauveur, EI LEED GA;
Calabrese Architects — Elizabeth Freeman Calabrese, AIA;
Efficiency VT — Brian Just;
Efficiency VT — Brad Long;
Efficiency VT — Li Ling Young;
Energy Catalyst — Matthew Desmarais;
Escher Design — Bob Escher, AIA;

Greenvest — Todd Walker;
Heat Squad — Rick Shappy; tel 802-989-3658
LFD Solutions — Jeff Mann;
Moravec Geothermal — Kevin Moravec;
NeighborWorks of Western VT — Melanie Paskevich; tel 802-438-2303
Rich Earth Institute — Kim Nace;
Stiebel Eltron USA — Space Heating & Heat Pump Water Heaters
Sustainable Design — Alan Benoit, AIA;
Toilets For People — Jason Kass;
Vermod Homes — Ashley Andreas;
Vermont Passive House — Paul Sipple;