SolarFest started with an innovative idea: to hold a festival that showcases the power and possibilities of solar energy. Vermont is now a leader in the renewable energy industry, with Rutland named the “Solar Capital of New England” and Burlington successfully becoming the first city in the United States to run on 100% renewable energy. Vermont also now has the most solar jobs per capita in the US.


Renewables 101: Solar & Storage

In this all-time favorite workshop, Bill & Danielle Laberge take us through the latest info on solar photovoltaics and storage, showing how to get the best for your home or business.

Living Off-grid: Tiny Houses to McMansions

With 40 years of experience living off-grid, John Blittersdorf shares his professional knowledge with real-world examples of how it’s not just different, but better.



General Information
MREA Midwest – Midwest Renewable Energy Association
National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) – Energy Basics
NESEA – Northeast Sustainable Energy Association
Solar Energy Industries Association – Photovoltaics
US Department of Energy – Renewable Energy
US Energy Information Administration – Photovoltaics

Local Information
Renewable Energy Vermont
NY Solar Energy Society 
NY Geothermal Energy Organization
SMART Massachusetts Solar
Vermont Energy & Climate Action Network

SolarFest Contacts: Sponsors, Speakers, Exhibitors

altE Store — Amy Beaudet;
Catamount Solar — Lisa Ricci;
CED Greentech — Caitlyn Dunn;
Central Vermont Wind & Solar — John Blittersdorf;
Fortress Power — Alex Leport;
Grassroots Solar — Bill Laberge;
Grassroots Solar — Danielle Laberge;

High Peaks Solar — Kevin Bailey;
Midnite Solar — Sue Cole;
Northeast Battery — Tracy Abbott;
Outback Power — Bill Dougherty;
Power Guru — Bhima Nitta;
Roy Morrison and Associates — Roy Morrison;
Same Sun of Vermont — Marlene Allen;
Star Wind Turbines — Jason Day;