“I learned that at SolarFest”

Through our workshops we fulfill our mission of connecting people, the arts, ideas and technology, and fostering partnerships and activism for a vibrant present and a sustainable future, continuing to expand the legacy by hosting a wide array of informative, entertaining, and inspiring presentations, workshops and discussions.

Thanks to Emelie Severance of Skinner Hollow Photography for sharing her beautiful photography of SolarFest’19.

  • Introduction to Solar – Danielle Laberge
  • Small Wind Technology – Jason Day
  • Electric Vehicles; the Real – World Experiences – Dave Conna Moderator
  • Lithium Iron Energy Storage – Jing Yu & Alex Lepore
  • Solar plus Storage; What does it all mean? – Bill Laberge
  • Photon vs. Carbon: The Global Impacts of Solar & Grid-tied Batteries – Li Ling Young
  • Electric Vehicle Developments in New England – Pete O’Connor

Renewable Energy & Transportation Workshop Details

  • Creating Community Through Theater – Meg Bouchard & Melissa Chesnut-Tangerman
  • Understanding the Creative Process – Albert, Maxwell & Melissa Levis
  • The Guitar and Composition: A Breakthrough Experience – Freddi Shehadi
  • Film Screening: “Paris to Pittsburgh” – National Geographic Films

Music & Arts Workshop Details

  • Urine as a Fertilizer; closing the loop with sustainable sanitation – Kim Nance
  • Guide to True Fossil Fuel Divestment – Todd Walker
  • B Corps: Balancing Profits with Purpose – Rebecca Kline Coffey
  • Best Practices for Group Council; Skills for good meetings – Theo Talcott
  • Earn 12%+ R.O.I. Investing in Solar Power – Karen Lee

Sustainable Living & Activism Workshop Details

  • Vermod: Net-Zero, Carbon-Free Living – Ashley Andreas & Steve Davis
  • Waterless Composting Toilets for Your Off – Grid Home – Jason Kass
  • Living off grid: tiny house to McMansion – John Blittersdorf
  • Hemp: The Building Material the Green Industry Has Been Waiting For – Bob & Alex Escher
  • Cold Climate Heat Pumps: Select and Operate for Efficiency – Li Ling Young
  • Vermod: Net-Zero, Carbon-Free Living – Ashley Andreas & Steve Davis
  • Energy Meets History: Rehabbing an Historic Farmhouse into a Net-Zero Energy Green Home – Paul and Joanne Coons

Green Buildings Workshop Details

  • Seeding the Future: The Magic, Wisdom and Politics of Seeds – Tom Melcher
  • Walking Tour of an Organic Community Farm –
  • Medicine for People + Planet: Regenerative Agriculture Methods for Hemp & Medicinal Herbs – Sarah Shaw & Nathan Bacon
  • An Introduction to Regenerative Agriculture – Jesse McDougal
  • The Science of Carbon Farming and Land-based Climate Solutions – Kelsey Bearden

Farming & Food Workshop Details

Download the full schedule here: SolarFest’19 Workshops Schedule