2nd Virtual SolarFest: July 24-25, 2021


All events are completely FREE (but donations are gladly accepted)

While public gatherings are just beginning to open up, the planning and commitments for SolarFest have been ongoing for months. We are committed to returning to the beautiful fields of Vermont as soon as possible. Meanwhile, as with the virtual 25th Anniversary festival last year, all activities are free to all.
Now, the second online SolarFest will focus our attention on arts, energy and change, featuring insights into government policy, the latest activism for climate justice, and restoring hope with inspiring and tangible paths forward as we quickly create a more sustainable world.
Plus, the great live musical performances you expect at SolarFest, guaranteed to have you up and dancing (in the privacy of your home.)

Exciting & Practical Workshops 

  • The Future of Energy Policy — global to local
  • Designing Decarbonized Homes
  • Healthy Soil, Healthy Food, Healthy People
  • Climate Justice and Environment…and more to be announced!

Inspiring Featured Speakers

  • Bill McKibben; author, activist, co-founder of 350.org
  • Rep. Sarah Copeland-Hanzas; co-chair of the Vermont Climate Caucus
  • Josh Fox; Oscar-nominated, Emmy-winning director of Gasland
  • Deia Schlosberg; social & environmental justice filmmaker, director of The Story of Plastic
    and more to be announced!
As we prepare for SolarFest’21 check out the presentations & workshops from last year

Finding a permanent home for SolarFest

SolarFest began 2021 with some incredibly good news — we received a major donation towards acquiring a permanent home to support the programming and community building that are vital to our mission!

The board established a volunteer taskforce committee to help with planning and developing criteria to guide selection of about 15 – 30 acres in Rutland or Bennington Counties. This new home would be used for our annual festival, with performance and gathering spaces, plus areas for workshops, camping, parking, and permanent technology demonstrations.

We’re currently exploring many options (partnerships, co-locations, etc.) so feel free to email mikeb@solarfest.org to discuss.

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To celebrate the 25th Anniversary, and draw attention to solar power…
The Boston based music group Yoke Shire has just released their video of a live performance at the 9th Annual Solarfest back in 2004, including their original acoustic rock song entitled “Over the Sunrise”.

Brian Herlihy says, “The video has an intro with a narration about our experience traveling to the festival and the great time we had while we were there.

Please take a moment and check it out…and then, check out their website: www.yokeshire.com

    • Lara Herscovitch — SolarFest 2011 Singer/Songwriter of the Year
      New album release: Highway Philosophers — from start to finish it is a work of art!
      Available now at lara-herscovitch-music.square.site, on Spotify, or Apple Music.
      Sample her new “Shine Sister Shine” video.
    • Solaris; the first-ever U.S. Coast Guard certified solar-powered commercial passenger boat in the country, sails the Hudson River.
      Innovator, designer and builder David Borton spoke at SolarFest’18 about the latest breakthroughs in solar transportation.
    • SolarFest in Planet of the Humans
      SolarFest started in 1995 with an innovative idea: hold a festival that showcases the power and possibilities of solar energy. Thousands of festival-goers have attended dozens of SolarFest workshops explaining the festival power array, and even more visited the “Juice Bar” to see renewable power being produced in real time. We know that Solar Works!

A recent movie produced by Michael Moore, featured footage that was shot by Jeff Gibbs at SolarFest in 2006. We were never contacted by Gibbs, or anyone, regarding the film and their “facts” about solar energy are woefully out of date. We believe that it is unfair, misleading, and just plain wrong for a film to be introduced in 2020 that pretends the state of solar and storage has not changed dramatically in 14 years.

Over the past 25 years SolarFest has been a leader in demonstrating how individuals and communities can make a difference with renewable energy. We are proud to continue to explore and explain the advances that will lead to a better, carbon-free future.


    • Sustainably sourced food, made with sustainably produced power
      Vizavi, the solar-powered food cart operated by Julia Rhode, made its debut serving crepes, Popsicles, veggie burgers, and salads at the Bennington Farmer’s Market in Bennington. Rhode said she was inspired by a display at SolarFest in Manchester in 2016.
    • Delivering Energy Kits to Puerto Rico and Beyond
      When residents of Caguas, Puerto Rico found that power wouldn’t be restored to their city for nine months, SolarFest Boardmember Bill Laberge took action. Starting with a prototype kit in carry-on luggage, and training local cooperativas to install systems, Interviewed in the Manchester Journal, Laberge said, “This is being done on the grassroots level.”

Connect with us

Since 1995, SolarFest connects people, the arts, ideas and technology, fostering partnerships and activism to create a vibrant present and a sustainable future.
“If there is any place that can lay claim to having started this revolution 20 years ago, it was Vermont and SolarFest.” — Bill McKibben, co-founder of 350.org