2016 Sunrise Celebration Headline Performers

Dar Williams
New Dar Williams Image
Dar Williams has had a long-standing and very special relationship with SolarFest. A perennial favorite, she has supported and been with us from the very early days. Dar has been reaching audiences of all ages with her songs, stories and wry humor for more than 20 years. She has performed with legendary folk artists and is now a luminary herself; she has recorded 20 CDs, is a children’s book author and teacher at Wesleyan University. “I’ve made choices about how I lived my life, outside of the world that was going to fit me among the mainstream norms, and I chose to stay with my friends, to stay with my culture. That turns out to have been the sturdiest structure I could have built for myself. And that’s in my songs, it’s in my teaching. I’m a believer in what can happen when we make music together.”

We are thrilled! to have Dar back for her 6th performance on SolarFest’s stage!

Donna the Buffalo

DTB PhotoOne of the most dynamic and determined bands continuously touring America since 1989, their distinctive, groove-heavy, and danceable music is accessible, positive, and memorable. Donna’s music often contains social and moral responsibility as core beliefs, and they are just simply fun to get out and celebrate life with. We are honored that Donna the Buffalo has chosen SolarFest as their only stop in Vermont on this summer, and are delighted to have their energy and creativity. We welcome them and the “herd” to our Sunrise Celebration!


Marcia Ball

Marcia BallWelcome Marcia Ball to her SolarFest debut! This Texas-born, Louisiana-raised musical storyteller and songwriter has earned worldwide fame for her ability to ignite a full- scale roadhouse rhythm and blues party every time she strolls onto the stage. Her groove-laden New Orleans boogie, deeply soulful ballads and rollicking Gulf Coast blues have made her a one-of-a-kind favorite with music fans all over the world. In 2010, she was inducted into the Gulf Coast Hall Of Fame and in 2012 into the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame. She’s received a total of six Living Blues Awards, nine Blues Music Awards, and five Grammy Award nominations. “Marcia Ball has a great voice and a rollicking piano style guaranteed to put a smile on your face.” ~Chicago Sun-Times