100_9994SolarFest is a community activity fueled by the passion of hundreds of knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced volunteers. In 2016 we held SolarFest at the Southern Vermont Arts Center in Manchester, VT.

Solarfest and SVAC joined together due in large part to their shared missions to connect people, the arts and ideas. Together we further art in all its aspects, promoting artistic excellence and community-building with the foremost goal of education to create a vibrant present and a sustainable future.

SolarFest utilizes lecture and classroom facilities for workshops, the Arkell Pavilion auditorium for musical performances, the botany trail and gardens to host Theater-in-the-Woods, fields and parking areas for exhibitors and vendor booths, and the beautiful wooded areas of the grounds for camping, including selected areas of the Sculpture Park.SolarFest Sustainable Marketplace