SolarFest Speakers ScheduleThrough its workshop offerings, SolarFest fulfills its mission of connecting people, the arts, ideas and technology, and fostering partnerships for a vibrant present and a sustainable future. With the beautiful facilities of the Southern Vermont Arts Center we will continue and expand the legacy of hosting a wide array of informative, entertaining, and inspiring presentations, workshops and discussions.

In 2016 we are thrilled to offer more than 60 workshops across five different subject tracks. Click the chart on the right for a quick overview, select the links below for details about the workshops and presenters in each track, or download a PDF here of the complete SolarFest Workshops Program Schedule, organized by day and time.

IMG_0069This link provides a PDF of the SolarFest Workshops – Alphabetical by Speaker. Workshops will take place at multiple facilities located across the SVAC campus, including the Elizabeth De C. Wilson Museum, the Joan Hay Madeira Education Center, and the Yester House.