“I learned that at SolarFest”

Through our workshops we fulfill our mission of connecting people, the arts, ideas and technology, and fostering partnerships and activism for a vibrant present and a sustainable future. With the beautiful facilities of  Stratton Mountain we continue and expand the legacy of hosting a wide array of informative, entertaining, and inspiring presentations, workshops and discussions.

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Sample presentation from 2018:

Renewable Energy & Conservation Track

Sponsored By:

  • Introduction to Solar
  • Small Wind Technology

  • Solar Panel Walking Tour
  • Using Heat Pumps for Savings & Comfort
  • Living off grid-tiny house to McMansion
  • Designing an Off-grid Solar System
  • Get Power Over Your Energy Bills

  • Plan B!
    What is your plan when the power goes out?
  • Storage Round Table Discussion
  • The Path to Zero Energy Homes
  • Should I do it now or should I wait?
  • Phased Renovation to a Passive Standard

Green Buildings

  • Building Science
  • Biodiversity Through Permaculture
  • Biophilic Design Theory, Practice and Process Workshop
  • Deep-Energy Retrofits: Whole-System Homes for Young Professionals
  • Hempcrete – The Future of Organic Housing
  • Melted Vinyl Siding, Solar Fires, & Unintended Consequences
  • My NetZero Energy Home 10 Years Later
  • Nighttime carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in 22 Vermont homes

Music & Arts

Sponsored By:

  • Circus Arts
  • Nurturing a Thriving Creative Economy
  • Standing in Balance Yoga
  • Theater as the Vehicle for Social Change
  • Movie: How to Let Go of the World and Love all the Things Climate Can’t Change
  • Movie: The Crash Course
  • Movie: The Heart of Nuba


  • Electric Vehicle Policy in the Northeast
  • Community Solar – How does it work?  
  • Solar Powered Transportation
  • Driving an Electric Car 2600 miles
  • PV, Dual-cropping, Micro-grids: Reaching Sustainable C02
  • EV Group Discussion
  • Waterless Composting Toilets
  • We Can Cool the Planet now: Food, Water, Soil, Climate, Hope


  • Fossil Free New England: How and Why
  • Solar Investments for Income
  • Fundamentals of a Successful Town Energy Committee
  • Exploring the Nonviolent Life

In Partnership With:

  • Climate Justice 101
  • Climate Solutions for People of the Future 
  • How are Racial Justice and Climate Justice Connected?
  • What Kind of Changemaker are You?


  • The Future of Food
  • Planting for Pollinators in Solar Fields and Beyond
  • Backyard and Kitchen Cupboard Medicine
  • Carbon Farming: Regenerative Agriculture for Climate Stabilization
  • Low-tech Birthing in a High-Tech World

Supported by:Energy Federation, Inc.

  • A Crash Course in Building Resilience
  • Investing for Impact, Including Clean Energy: The Benefits of Socially Responsible Investing
  • A Solarfest Village-Creating Homegrown Intentional Communities
  • Nutrition from the Ground Up