SolarFest Speakers Schedule“I learned that at SolarFest”

Through its workshop offerings, SolarFest fulfills its mission of connecting people, the arts, ideas and technology, and fostering partnerships for a vibrant present and a sustainable future. With the beautiful facilities of the Southern Vermont Arts Center we continue and expand the legacy of hosting a wide array of informative, entertaining, and inspiring presentations, workshops and discussions.

In 2016 we were thrilled to offer more than 60 workshops across five different subject tracks: Renewable Energy & Conservation, Green Buildings, Sustainable Living & Food, Music & Arts and Advanced Technology and Policy. Click on the chart on the right for an overview of last years offerings.

We plan to add a new subject track featuring experienced activists sharing the latest information and techniques for successfully being heard and getting results.

  • Renewable Energy & Conservation
  • Green Buildings
  • Sustainable Living & Food
  • Music & Arts
  • Advanced Technology & Policy
  • New: Activism Best Practices