“I learned that at SolarFest”

Through our workshops we fulfill our mission of connecting people, the arts, ideas and technology, and fostering partnerships and activism for a vibrant present and a sustainable future, continuing to expand the legacy by hosting a wide array of informative, entertaining, and inspiring presentations, workshops and discussions. Workshops are 50 or 80 minutes in length and are held in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Download the full schedule here: SolarFest’19 Workshops Schedule

  • Introduction to Solar – Danielle Laberge
  • Small Wind Technology – Jason Day
  • Electric Vehicles; the Real – World Experiences – Dave Conna Moderator
  • Lithium Iron Energy Storage – Jing Yu & Alex Lepore
  • Solar plus Storage; What does it all mean? – Bill Laberge
  • Photon vs. Carbon: The Global Impacts of Solar & Grid-tied Batteries – Li Ling Young
  • Electric Vehicle Developments in New England – Pete O’Connor

Renewable Energy & Transportation Workshop Details

  • Creating Community Through Theater – Meg Bouchard & Melissa Chesnut-Tangerman
  • Understanding the Creative Process – Albert, Maxwell & Melissa Levis
  • The Guitar and Composition: A Breakthrough Experience – Freddi Shehadi
  • Film Screening: “Paris to Pittsburgh” – National Geographic Films

Music & Arts Workshop Details

  • Urine as a Fertilizer; closing the loop with sustainable sanitation – Kim Nance
  • Guide to True Fossil Fuel Divestment – Todd Walker
  • B Corps: Balancing Profits with Purpose – Rebecca Kline Coffey
  • Best Practices for Group Council; Skills for good meetings – Theo Talcott
  • Earn 12%+ R.O.I. Investing in Solar Power – Karen Lee

Sustainable Living & Activism Workshop Details

  • Vermod: Net-Zero, Carbon-Free Living – Ashley Andreas & Steve Davis
  • Waterless Composting Toilets for Your Off – Grid Home – Jason Kass
  • Living off grid: tiny house to McMansion – John Blittersdorf
  • Hemp: The Building Material the Green Industry Has Been Waiting For – Bob & Alex Escher
  • Cold Climate Heat Pumps: Select and Operate for Efficiency – Li Ling Young
  • Vermod: Net-Zero, Carbon-Free Living – Ashley Andreas & Steve Davis
  • Energy Meets History: Rehabbing an Historic Farmhouse into a Net-Zero Energy Green Home – Paul and Joanne Coons

Green Buildings Workshop Details

  • Seeding the Future: The Magic, Wisdom and Politics of Seeds – Tom Melcher
  • Walking Tour of an Organic Community Farm –
  • Medicine for People + Planet: Regenerative Agriculture Methods for Hemp & Medicinal Herbs – Sarah Shaw & Nathan Bacon
  • An Introduction to Regenerative Agriculture – Jesse McDougal
  • The Science of Carbon Farming and Land-based Climate Solutions – Kelsey Bearden

Farming & Food Workshop Details