Keynote Speaker: Chris Martenson – Sat. @ 5:00pm

Author of The Crash Course and co-founder of Peak Prosperity on “Building Resilience

Global events are unfolding rapidly, and you need to be both aware and prepared. But are you? The economy, energy and environment are all areas where significant disruptions are happening, most in plain sight and yet rarely discussed. We will both discuss the changes, the implications and, most importantly, what you can DO about them in order to be happier, healthier, and more resilient. Our approach to solutions operates at the individual/family level and covers eight different forms of capital including financial (of course), social, emotional, living, knowledge, time, cultural and material.

“Chris addresses fundamental economic and energy issues in understandable terms and provides engaging perspectives.” —Dr. Robert L.Hirsch, lead author of The Impending World Energy Mess

Josh Fox Presents: The Truth Has Changed – Sat. @ 2:00pm

“The Planet’s gone psycho, and Fox is the shrink we’ve been waiting for.” – Greg Palast

“This is a remarkable document bringing together his many lives: artist, truth-teller, campaigner. – Bill McKibben

As part of SolarFest, Emmy winner and Oscar Nominated filmmaker and activist Josh Fox (Gasland)
will perform “The Truth Has Changed” live on Stratton Mountain on Saturday August 18th.

The Truth Has Changed offers both a warning and a way forward for our besieged democracy. The water has changed. The climate has changed. The rules have changed. There’s toxic data everywhere. How do we know what’s true?

Initially commissioned by HBO, “The Truth Has Changed” is a solo monologue which traces the arc of American political life from 9/11 to the Trump era. The show, which will be filmed as part of a feature film for release in 2019, traces Josh’s experiences as a first responder during 9/11, his groundbreaking reporting on fracking, his eye-opening eco-flights over the Gulf of Mexico during the BP oil spill, Hurricane Sandy, the massive rallies for Bernie Sanders the 2016 Democratic Convention, Standing Rock, and beyond. And Fox tells his story in an uncompromising way like never before.  “The Truth Has Changed” runs 2 hours and 20-minutes, including intermission.

Golden Globe winner Alex Ebert of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes has penned the score for this performance, adding an immediate emotional musical impact to the work.

Stratton Mountain Music

Gang of Thieves — Photo Credit: Julia Luckett Photography, LLC
The Balkun Brothers — Photo Credit: Katrina Kelly / Kats Eye Press

Exploring and enjoying new and different music and art has been at the core of SolarFest for over two decades. Our new partnership with Stratton Mountain Music concert series demonstrates our commitment to high quality, and accessible, music.

This year the music features the high-energy music of the The Balkun Brothers opening for Burlington’s own Gang of Thieves.


Over 50 Workshops

Renewable Energy & Conservation; Green Buildings; Innovation, Technology &
Transportation; Music & Arts; Public Policy & Activism; Sustainable Living & Food

Full List of Workshops              Full List of Speakers

Some of the topics…

  • Designing an Off-grid Solar System
  • Solar Powered Transportation
  • My NetZero Energy Home 10 years Later
  • Electric Vehicle Policy in the Northeast
  • Carbon Farming
  • The Benefits of Socially Responsible Investing
  • EV Owners Roundtable Tell-All
  • What is your plan when the power goes out?
  • Biophilic Design Theory, Practice & Process
  • Should I do it now or should I wait?
  • Reaching Sustainable 3 Tons CO2 Per Person/Year
  • Fossil Free New England

…a few of the speakers…

Pete O’Connor of Plug In America promotes policies to transform transportation, and was formerly a post-doctoral fellow at the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Melissa Chesnut-Tangerman, Rainbow Squier, and Megan Bouchard work as partners creating Theater in the Woods camps to kindle creativity in the magic of the woods.

Connor Stedman consults on regenerative agriculture and land use, speaking regularly on carbon farming and land-based climate mitigation strategies around North America.

…and even more

  • Theater as the Vehicle for Social Change
  • Waterless Composting Toilets
  • Community Solar: How does it work?
  • Energy Storage 101: Backup Power + Energy Management
  • The Path to Zero Energy Homes
  • Solar Investments for Income
  • An Earth-connecting Masterclass in Standing in Balance
  • Creating Homegrown Intentional Communities
  • Circus Arts
  • 350 VT presents: Climate Solutions for People of the Future and What Kind of Changemaker are You?

Fun Activities — So Much To Do

There is so much for everyone to enjoy: superb family entertainment and activities, a great mix of vendors, dozens of how-to and hands-on workshops, movies, children’s activities in the Kids Corner, plus: plenty of space throughout the weekend for serendipitous encounters, hiking, and an overall celebration of our planet’s beauty and bounty.