SolarFest 2019
Save the Date: Sunday, July 21st

Join us at Earth Sky Time organic farm in Manchester, VT for a day-long gathering of workshops and music, along with great food and conversations. The doors open at 10:00 am, with activities for the whole family until 10:00 PM. This SolarFest Celebration is another opportunity to gather, share ideas, and learn how to best confront the challenges of our time. We’re busy organizing the schedule and hope you will contact us about becoming a performer, speaker, sponsor or exhibitor at SolarFest ’19.

Highlights from SolarFest 2018 at Stratton Mountain 

“Building Resilience” keynote address was given by Chris Martenson, author of The Crash Course and co-founder of Peak Prosperity
“Among the handful of observers making sense of the economic scene.”
—James Howard Kunstler
Filmmaker and activist Josh Fox performed “The Truth Has Changed” tracing the arc of American propaganda and misinformation.
“Entertaining, fun, insightful and important.”
– Tim Robbins

Full 2018 Festival Workshops & Presenters

Unfortunately, not everyone could attend SolarFest’18
Sen. Bernie Sanders SolarFest Letter“I am sorry my schedule does not allow me to join you at this year’s SolarFest, but I want to congratulate you for coming together to help build a clean energy future…SolarFest is critically important for another reason, too. I have long believed that real change comes from the grassroots. Change comes when people come together and speak out on the issues they care about, just as you are doing today.”
And SolarFest adviser Bill McKibben wrote: “I’ll be up on the Greenland ice shelf–which has billions of metric tons of reasons why SolarFest is so important.”


    • Feb. 17th: Climate Expert Speaking at Grace UCC Church in Rutland
      On Sunday, February 17, at the 10:00 am worship hour at 8 Court Street, Rutland, Vermont the congregation will welcome Dr. Edward Cameron who is working locally and globally toward getting communities to invest in sustainable land-use, clean energy, and efficient transport. From his home in Manchester he observed, “Opportunities right here in our region can and will enable us to create far healthier children, families and communities.” Grace’ Senior Minister, the Reverend John Weatherhogg said, “What is the role of individuals, churches, civic organizations and legislators in times such as these? We are looking for responses to our concerns and we are hopeful that Dr. Cameron’s insights can help us and other communities of faith take positive action.”
    • Sustainably sourced food, made with sustainably produced power
      Vizavi, the solar-powered food cart operated by Julia Rhode, made its debut serving crepes, Popsicles, veggie burgers, and salads at the Bennington Farmer’s Market in Bennington. Rhode said she was inspired by a display at SolarFest in Manchester in 2016.
    • Delivering Energy Kits to Puerto Rico and Beyond
      When residents of Caguas, Puerto Rico found that power wouldn’t be restored to their city for nine months, SolarFest Boardmember Bill Laberge took action. Starting with a prototype kit in carry-on luggage, and training local cooperativas to install systems, Interviewed in the Manchester Journal, Laberge said, “This is being done on the grassroots level. We want to train people in Puerto Rico, or Danby, or wherever they are that they can actually do this. What we want to do is help them help themselves.

Since 1995, SolarFest connects people, the arts, ideas and technology, fostering partnerships and activism to create a vibrant present and a sustainable future.
“If there is any place that can lay claim to having started this revolution 20 years ago, it was Vermont and SolarFest.” — Bill McKibben, co-founder of